Registration for repair


For repair registration, only the following products can be considered:

IRF2200, IRF2210, IRF2220, IRF2600, IRF2610, IRF2601, IRF2621
IWL3210, IWL3220
MMD8017, MMD8024
MMT8017, MMT8024
OPC7008, OPC7013, OPC7015, OPC7022
OPC8008, OPC8010, OPC8013, OPC8015, OPC8017, OPC8022, OPC8024
OPD8017, OPD8024
SPC7015, SPC7019
VMT7008, VMT7010, VMT7012, VMT7015
VMT8008, VMT8010, VMT8012, VMT8015
VMT9010, VMT9012, VMT9015, VMT9112

FAS6010, FAS7010, FAS7017, FAS7024, FAS8024
IS7015, IS7019
SPC5008, SPC5013
WMT110, WMT115

For all other products we ask you to contact our support directly.

E-Mail: support(at)ads-tec.de

Before sending your product, we need some information. Please register these data carefully. Afterwards, you will get an email with your returns form and the RMA number. This document contains all necessary information for your return and for the further repair process. 

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Contact details

Please note the following rules and information about our repair process:

• The shipment must be franked.
• For shipments outside of Germany, the corresponding customs formalities must be observed.
  If not observed, ADS-TEC reserves the right to refuse delivery and to invoice for the costs incurred.
• Back up all data before shipping the systems. We do not take any liability for lost data. The repair process
  can cause data loss. In context of generic inspections, the system will be reset to their factory defaults.
  If you need advice or support concerning this topic, please contact our service team.
• If your BIOS or Windows system  is password protected, please delete the password or let us know what it is.
• Please send additional items only if they necessary for fault analysis of the device (do not send any cables,
  holders, casings or licences).
• Please make sure that the items are shipped securely in appropriate packaging. If possible, use the original
  packaging materials. We shall not accept liability for transport damage.
• If no warranty claim is being madde or the warranty has expired, the specified invoice recipient will recive
  a cost estimate. The repair will not be perfomed until the cost estimate has been confirmed in writing.
• For further information and service options please refer to the returns form.
• Please sign this return form and enclose it with the shipment.
• Please affix the RMA number at a clearlx visible location on the outside of each package.

Service department

Phone: +49 35204 391-222
Fax: +49 35204 391-422
E-mail: service (at) ads-tec.de